Who we are

Company name:
Hiram Partners inc.
Board Members:
Michiaki SATATE - CEO
Kiyoaki SATATE – COO
10,300,000 Yen
Asset Trading
International Market Entry Consulting
Sogo shosha = General Trading Company

'Sogo shosha (総合商社 sōgō shōsha, or general trading companies) are Japanese companies that trade in a wide range of products and materials. In addition to acting as intermediaries, sōgō shōsha also engage in logistics, plant development and other services, as well as international resource exploration. Unlike trading companies in other countries, which are generally specialized in certain types of products, sōgō shōsha have extremely diversified business lines, in which respect the business model is unique to Japan.'

What we do

Hiram Partners is a boutique asset trading and international market entry consulting firm headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Since 2010, we have been continually expanding our business network and have established relationships with government entities, private groups and other influential bodies all our target markets.

Our core focus is on facilitating intra-Asiatic trade and on connecting Asia with Europe.

Where we are

Registered Headquarters

5-12-8 Toranomon Minato-ku Tokyo, Japan

Operation Headquarters:

2-1-7 Kanda Tacho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, Japan

Operation branches:

Manila, Philippines
Paris, France
Corseaux, Switzerland
Yangon, Myanmar